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Case Study 1: Mr. & Mrs. P of Farnborough

Originally Mr. & Mrs. P of Farnborough enquired about the replacement of their front door and frame. An initial inspection revealed the authentic timber door and frame to be both in keeping with their home and free from rot.

The margins around the timber door were rather tight in places, which was surprising considering the pronounced draughts they described having experienced. With the exception of the ‘terrible draughts’ they seemed to be generally satisfied with the doorway.  

It was for this reason, because the items still appeared to be serviceable; and in keeping with their home that draught beading was mentioned to them.

As the following photographs show, white timber draught beads were affixed to the head and jambs in place of the existing aluminium/ neoprene excluder. White plastic carrier with white nylon draft pile was also routed into the edge of the door leaf.

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Draughty Door... Draughty Door... Draughty Door... Draughty Door...
"Incredibly draughty front door" before draftproofing applied Having removed the door and stripped the same of ironmongery, now routing a groove to neatly accept the nylon draught pile Shows the previously binding bottom of the door now planed to ease it and draughtproofed with nylon brush pile in plastic Remove existing neoprene excluder, set in an aluminium carrier
Draughty Door... Draughty Door... Draughty Door... Draughty Door...
Double draughtproofing with timber beading neatly affixed to frame the outside of the door, filled and sealed to finish Shows nylon brush pile in plastic carrier neatly butting up to the interruption of each hinge Keep the draughts where they belong- outside, this frame was also re-sealed to the brickwork as part of the works The finished product unobtrusively discreetly upgraded for a more comfortable inviting home

Inevitable interruptions to the edge draft pile such as for hinges and locks were brought to the couples’ attention at the survey stage, which was the reason for mentioning using both approaches in tandem. They were urged to consider purchasing draft excluders for the letterbox aperture and bottom inside face of the door if these were not felt to be unsightly or too modern looking for their application. These would have been fitted for the customer on the day, though they decided them unnecessary.

The white draught beading was filled and sealed to finish. Sealant was also applied between the brickwork and entrance frame.

To address all of the above cost £285 including all materials required.

In summary there are quite a few factors to consider when weighing up an ‘in keeping’ thorough refurbishment versus the ‘cast iron guarantee of absolutely no drafts’ complete replacement and the cost implications therein.

In this instance the former option was chosen and the customer said...

"We invited Carpentry with Care to give us a quote for the replacement of our front door, other companies that we contacted had immediately suggested a new door was needed.

We were therefore pleasantly surprised when Carpentry with Care told us that the problem could be resolved without the need to replace the door. The job was carried out to an excellent standard and saved us hundreds of pounds.

Richard was also very friendly and approachable so I would have no hesitation in using him again."

Case Study 2: Mr. V of Wentworth

A customer whose client wished to update their entertainment needs, approached us to facilitate the installation of a large plasma screen.

The main issue in this instance was that the weight of the new screen required suspending inside a freestanding feature unit.

As the photographs show, this particular feature unit was truly freestanding, having no contact with the wall behind. An existing unit back and sides were only 9mm thick and the screen weighed in at 56 kg’s, mounted on an extending arm support bracket, which would exert extra pressure.

Clearly the existing structure could not provide sufficient support, so a timber structural wall was constructed to bear the heavy loading. Heavy-duty steel brackets bolstered the timber’s inherent strength and formed a structural skeleton inside the facade skin.

As the photographs also show the new support bracket was bolted securely to the newly formed timber wall, whilst a folding arm allowed access to the screen and audio equipment behind.

With aperture size increased to fill almost the complete cabinet width, the new plasma screen slid smoothly back unobtrusively mounted in position.

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Plasma Screen Plasma Screen Plasma Screen Plasma Screen Plasma Screen
Careful removal of existing unit & installation of new 56kg plasma screen for client in Wentworth Shows existing freestanding cabinet and former television unit timbering Different view before stripping out for new plasma unit Setting out new aperture positions Removed all old timber supports inside and cut out new larger face aperture to house new plasma screen
Plasma Screen Plasma Screen Plasma Screen Plasma Screen Plasma Screen
Showing front to back cross members to transfer weight around structure Installing 100x50mm rear timber structural wall as existing back of 9mm plywood Closer of right hand side junction Closer view of junction between load bearing cross members Heavy duty steel structural brackets to bolster the timbers inherent strength
Plasma Screen Plasma Screen Plasma Screen Plasma Screen Plasma Screen
The plasma screen hanging bracket is mounted with coach screws into the centre timber studs The hefty support bracket This view shows the existing audio equipment behind the new load bearing wall Side or rear view View of the structural load bearing wall, pivoting bracket and plasma screen approximateiy 1200x900mm
Plasma Screen Plasma Screen Plasma Screen Plasma Screen  
The screen itself, testing the mounting bracket Portrait view of installed plasma screen View with plasma screen off Alternative view of screen on  
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